Delicious Delivered

Juicy burgers, cool drinks, and fresh produce. Start with these ingredients and mix in a few friends and you’ve got yourself a party. Skip the drive to the store and back by having it all delivered and now, you’re cooking! Back again to the Hamptons this summer is Fresh Direct with their computer to door service that makes mincemeat out of grocery shopping and preparation just in time for the endless rounds of summer parties.

As someone who loves to entertain, the trip to the market after a long day at the office with two children in tow and houseguests on the way is beyond stressful. Martha Stewart and Ina Garten make it look so easy on TV thanks to the team of production assistants who do all of the shopping, unpacking, set up, and clean up. Recently I had a chance to sample a few of the delicious offerings this season from Fresh Direct and in less than a half hour I had a mouthwatering meal on the table and a soiree in full swing.

To be clear I was hosting a simple barbeque for my parents who had spent nearly seven hours stuck on Belt Parkway and in L.I.E. traffic on a summer weekend. They were tired, hungry, and looking for a stiff drink.

Drinks first, Fresh Direct works in partnership with Union Square Wines & Spirits and top shelf choices are delivered right to your door. This small convenience helps you avoid yet another stop with the kiddies in tow and the curious stares of the people in the wine shop. We began the night of de-stressing with a St. Germain cocktail. The cool spritzer was sip after sip just what my mother needed. Dad stood nearby supervising my husband light the grill with a Corona in hand and a smile on his face.

As the grill came to temperature I preheated the oven as Mom and I unpacked the boxes. To our delight there were three varieties of Lat La Frieda burgers to munch – short rib, brisket, and original beef – along with macaroni and cheese that just needed 30 minutes in the oven. Large red tomatoes and thick slices of cheddar sat silently waiting to join the party. The promise of that first bite was minutes away. Next came the brioche rolls with carmalized onions on top, a toast on the grill added just the right touch.

Then it happened, the first bite quickly followed by a second and groans of “mmm-mmm” were heard round the table. Earning the title “King of the Grill” from Dad, my hubby did a tremendous job with the burgers. Granted he did start with high quality ingredients but I let him enjoy the praise. The juicy beef, the robust tomato, the melting cheese, and the warmth of the roll was a marriage made in heaven on that summer night.

As the meal progressed and conversation was possible again after hunger had been sated my children reminded everyone to “save room for dessert” as we had discovered a peach pie while we unpacked the boxes. Luckily I saved the day as I always have vanilla ice cream on hand, you see frozen is not part of the Fresh Direct credo and it hadn’t been delivered.

Bellies were patted and as the plates were put away my Mom, now very happy, wondered what I was ordering next week.

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