OP/ED: Remembering 9/11 Ten Years Later

Ten years ago our country was shaken by acts of terror. On this, the 10th anniversary of that fateful day citizens across this great nation gathered to reflect on the state of the country, remember the lives lost and the unspeakable tragedy, and to memorialize the heroes.

As I stood silently grasping my young daughter's hand in a park as American flags unfurled across a clear blue sky during a dedication ceremony in Southold this morning the comparisons began, it was a day just like today 10 years ago. The sky was a clear, bright blue and the temperature was in the 80s with a light breeze, by all accounts it was the most perfect day ever until it wasn't, until it became a living nightmare.

Like most people on the East Coast I was driving into my office mentally running through the list of things I had to do that day, calls to make, meetings to schedule, dry cleaning to pick up, a date with my husband later perhaps. I was simply enjoying a cup of coffee when the news announcer's voice broke through the latest pop songs and thought the morning DJ's were playing some sort of horrible joke, the reality of what they were saying was unreal. I thought that it was a page out of Orson Wells "War Of The Worlds" as I turned up the volume eager to hear the next words or perhaps the laugh track. There would be no laugh track and in fact many weeks before anyone laughed again. This was not a joke, but at that moment, in those first few horrible minutes it was an accident, some horrendous air tragedy. As the minutes ticked by and I drove further a second plane crashed. Coincidence? No. New York was under attack, reasons unknown.

The first two planes, I thought, had to be one consolidated act of hate. As one of the few New Yorkers at the time without a cell phone I would have to wait nearly a half hour to speak to my husband when I reached my office. In the time and miles that separated me from my home the news stations called in terrorist experts, news analysts, emergency responders, a collection of talking heads who would give their opinions and speculate on the events as news helicopters scrambled to get into the air and roll the horror across the airwaves.

Then the third plane crashed as I turned onto the most picturesque street in Southampton, Hill Street. As the canopy of bright green leaves and dappled sunlight enveloped me, usually one of my most favorite parts of my drive to work, the voice on the radio who was giving a report from the Pentagon screamed that the building had been hit. The visceral fear in his voice nearly caused me to veer off the road. As I gripped the wheel with white knuckles and continued on one mile further I was breathless. This wasn't over. This was only the beginning. What unspeakable horror would come next?

Greeting my colleagues that morning was a scene I will never forget. We huddled together around a television screen in the office next to ours silently watching the towers burn, shock in our eyes. The urgency to act was palpable, but what action was right when everything was suddenly so wrong? I called my husband, a police officer and volunteer fireman and asked him what to do, what should we do? Then the south tower, the second to be hit, imploded and crumbled to the ground in an angry growl of metal and torrent of glass. Before he could answer I swayed and watched thousands fleeing the streets of Manhattan. The phone lines jammed after that and calls in and out of New York were impossible for hours. Minutes later a fourth plane crashed.

Afraid to move I sat at a desk, stunned. Frantic that my husband would be called to respond to New York I listened to the news and watched as the north tower crashed to the ground, a cloud of ash and paper devouring lower Manhattan and filling the once clear blue sky with the pall of death and destruction. The office was closed for the day after that, we hugged and went our separate ways desperate to return to our homes and the safety and shelter of our families. To wait.

Over the days that followed my husband would indeed head to Ground Zero to aid rescue and recovery efforts there. He remarked that the smell was something he'd never forget. That the look in the eyes of the people he passed on the streets was something he'd never want to see again. They were lost, scared.

I have spent the past week trying to explain the complex layers of the day and the 10 years that followed to my children in ways that won't scar their innocence as the truth of that day has scared me. What have we accomplished these past 10 years? I remember, I don't forget, I still have hope that people are basically good. But how do I explain the psychopaths who believe in nothing but hate and fear and murder and ignorance to a seven year-old and an eight year-old and even to myself, a 37-year-old? Are they the evil one percent that balance all of the good in the rest of us? God, I hope so.

This morning in the sunshine I stood beside my children as prayers were read, bells tolled, and I watched firemen and policemen stand at attention before a 15-foot piece of steel from the 33rd floor of the North World Trade Tower stoically fighting back tears for friends who ran up the stairs of an inferno as thousands rushed out. I had held the hand of a woman earlier this morning as we walked up the street to the service, she had been a block away from the Twin Towers and lost the love of her life that day, she was a woman whom I did not know. Near the end of the ceremony as she gently, hesitantly touched the steel, atop which stands a 35-foot Osprey sculpture by artist Julio Bessin, and then placed a flag in the ground at the base of the structure she wept. My older daughter with the wisdom of her eight little years locked eyes with her and softly smiled, the gentle smile of a child filled with caring and compassion. The woman smiled back. Perhaps there's hope for us after all.

OP/ED: Hurricane Irene In My Neck Of The Woods

For days the tension was palpable, there was a storm brewing, literally, and its projected path was through the small town where I live in peace and quiet with my little family. As neighbors rushed to prepare for Hurricane Irene in the late summer days of 2011 by boarding up windows, testing generators, stocking up on batteries, and divesting the grocery shelves of bread and water, I was in a surreal haze. What was I supposed to be doing?

Yet, really what could I do to prevent a hurricane from destroying my humble little abode? It was unthinkable here in New York. This sort of thing happens down South where it's sunny and warm all year long. What would it matter if I had a fridge and pantry stocked with provisions if the power went out? It would all go bad and I would have wasted a few hundred dollars. Armed with little more than my cell phone, a flashlight, my daughter's Barbie radio, a first aid kit, and enough food for two days or so we hunkered down in the darkness and went to sleep as the rains came.

Throughout the night the wind howled and rain came down in sideways sheets. A foolish few on the roads struggled to reach safety. Trees bent to the ground and those not pliable enough snapped under the intense pressure. When dawn broke, Hurricane Irene was fully realized and tearing her way across Long Island downing trees and ripping her way through power lines leaving over a half a million people without electricity.

The ocean met the bay Sunday morning and TV weathermen earned their keep broadcasting live while screaming into microphones as intrepid cameramen fought against the power of Mother Nature to stay focused. Nary was a shot missed. For those of us in the storm's path these scenes were reviewed in clips days later as we picked up the pieces of roofs torn from the rafters and cleared yards covered in debris.

I spent the day nervously watching the blistering attacks from the comfort of my living room equally splitting time calming the fears and then managing the challenging attitudes of my two young daughters. They had cabin fever and they were scared, a lethal combination as any parent can attest.

The calm after a storm is a fragile place. Much like the Munchkins from the Land of Oz, one by one residents of my little town emerged to assess the damage. Phones were down, electricity was out, and cell service was spotty at best. The intense quiet was replaced by the droning hum of generators that would continue unabated for days.

Much like tourists in an unfamiliar place, my little family bundled into the car and drove through the streets pointing at downed trees, oohing at overturned boats, and ahhing at flooded roads. We clustered with neighbors and shared a meal as children played and adults worried over the outages and about those still in the middle of the storm further north. The back bands of wind and rain reminded me that we weren't completely out of the woods yet. Armed with flashlights we re-entered our home for the night.

The normal Monday morning alarm did not ring, cartoons did not invade the morning, coffee was not brewing. The sun however was shining, the soft breeze a welcome companion. The drone and hum of generators remained throughout the day joined by the growling buzz of chainsaws. Clean up efforts began; life would go on as normal with just one misstep in the grand scheme of things. Neighbors helped neighbors.

By Tuesday, as is the want of a typical New Yorker, the complaints began. Complaints about the lack of power, the lack of warm showers, the lack of the internet, and the lack of cable TV to keep the kids occupied and adults informed. Strong personalities emerged but cooler heads prevailed as the lights went back on one by one. Refrigerators and freezers were restocked. Yards were cleared. Coffee was once again brewing and alarm clocks were back on duty.

Hurricanes, tsunamis, massive earthquakes, tornadoes, and wild animal attacks are not part of my daily life here on the Eastern End of Long Island, New York. There are no droughts or famine, no landslides nor volcanoes. Despite the best of efforts we have crime in New York, road rage in traffic, senseless crimes and the fear of terrorism. We have political corruption and in the Hamptons we have outrageous parties all summer long.

Compared to other areas across the globe the brief visit by Hurricane Irene to my tiny piece of Long Island was the equivalent of a splinter. Tiny in size, little pain, and no real damage after a day or so. But for me, it was a few fearsome hours that I'll never forget.

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Chefs & Champagne Toasts Emeril In The Hamptons

Martha Stweart raised a glass to toast her friend Emeril Lagasse as he was honored by the James Beard Foundation at the 2011 Chefs & Champgane gala in the Hamptons. Chefs Daniel Douloud and Marcus Samuelsson, actor Richard Gere, and Sag Harbor restauranteur B. Smith joined in the tasting party at Wolffer Estate Vineyards in Sagaponack.

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Love Heals At Luna Farm 2011

Coney Island came to the Hamptons at this year's annual Love Heals benefit at Luna Farm in Sagaponack. Sponsors Chandon and Patron kept party goers refreshed as carnival games kept the masses including Russell Simmons, Alison Brod, Mary Alice Stephenson, Peter Davis, and Hilary Rhoda, entertained.

ArtHamptons Opening Night Soiree

The opening night party at ArtHamptons 2011 was filled with a cast of artistic characters, including Ultra Violet and Taylor Mead of Andy Warhol's Factory, who each had their take on modern art and the masters. I let the art speak to me, check out what it had to say.

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Delicious Delivered

Juicy burgers, cool drinks, and fresh produce. Start with these ingredients and mix in a few friends and you’ve got yourself a party. Skip the drive to the store and back by having it all delivered and now, you’re cooking! Back again to the Hamptons this summer is Fresh Direct with their computer to door service that makes mincemeat out of grocery shopping and preparation just in time for the endless rounds of summer parties.

As someone who loves to entertain, the trip to the market after a long day at the office with two children in tow and houseguests on the way is beyond stressful. Martha Stewart and Ina Garten make it look so easy on TV thanks to the team of production assistants who do all of the shopping, unpacking, set up, and clean up. Recently I had a chance to sample a few of the delicious offerings this season from Fresh Direct and in less than a half hour I had a mouthwatering meal on the table and a soiree in full swing.

To be clear I was hosting a simple barbeque for my parents who had spent nearly seven hours stuck on Belt Parkway and in L.I.E. traffic on a summer weekend. They were tired, hungry, and looking for a stiff drink.

Drinks first, Fresh Direct works in partnership with Union Square Wines & Spirits and top shelf choices are delivered right to your door. This small convenience helps you avoid yet another stop with the kiddies in tow and the curious stares of the people in the wine shop. We began the night of de-stressing with a St. Germain cocktail. The cool spritzer was sip after sip just what my mother needed. Dad stood nearby supervising my husband light the grill with a Corona in hand and a smile on his face.

As the grill came to temperature I preheated the oven as Mom and I unpacked the boxes. To our delight there were three varieties of Lat La Frieda burgers to munch – short rib, brisket, and original beef – along with macaroni and cheese that just needed 30 minutes in the oven. Large red tomatoes and thick slices of cheddar sat silently waiting to join the party. The promise of that first bite was minutes away. Next came the brioche rolls with carmalized onions on top, a toast on the grill added just the right touch.

Then it happened, the first bite quickly followed by a second and groans of “mmm-mmm” were heard round the table. Earning the title “King of the Grill” from Dad, my hubby did a tremendous job with the burgers. Granted he did start with high quality ingredients but I let him enjoy the praise. The juicy beef, the robust tomato, the melting cheese, and the warmth of the roll was a marriage made in heaven on that summer night.

As the meal progressed and conversation was possible again after hunger had been sated my children reminded everyone to “save room for dessert” as we had discovered a peach pie while we unpacked the boxes. Luckily I saved the day as I always have vanilla ice cream on hand, you see frozen is not part of the Fresh Direct credo and it hadn’t been delivered.

Bellies were patted and as the plates were put away my Mom, now very happy, wondered what I was ordering next week.

Celebs Tee Off At Hampton Hills

Giants, Bengals, and Housewives, oh my! The gorgeous Hampton Hills Golf Club opened its doors for Zev Norotsky's 7th annual Hamptons Golf Classic honoring Gary DePersia this week. With 36 foursomes and clear skies, not to mention massages on the links, pro ballers and corporate powerhouses enjoyed the greens as well as cocktails at the turn.

Bedecked in the most stylish golf attire New York Giants #1 draft-pick Prince Amukamara, Bengals linebacker and author Dhani Jones, ESPN's Jay Williams, and "The Real Housewives of New York City" star Ramona Singer and her husband Mario Singer all hit the greens to benefit the Southampton Day Care Center. Also spotted duffing around were Pacha owner Eddie Dean, Mark Selden, Dan Perna of Jet Demands, and Larry Marchini III who were vying for this year's trophy, watches from Frederique Constant and limited edition cashmere sweaters from Magaschoni.

For his tireless work in the business community DePersia, Senior Vice President of The Corcoran Group, was honored and remarked after the 18th hole, "It was a great day on a great course!" Echoing that sentiment was club member Ronnie Rothstein of Kleinfeld, and better known to many as one of the stars on TLC's "Say Yes to the Dress." With Frank Jedda, Director of Kleinfeld Men, keeping a watchful eye, Rothstein assisted in measuring participants for custom shirts and suits. Jedda was quick to point out with a laugh that men "have a lot to learn when it comes to finding the right fit" for their clothes unlike the ladies.

Throughout the course sponsors arranged ingulgent experiences for the golfers including Davidoff with representatives on hand to clip a few Zino Platinum cigars, Zico Coconut Water and Pernod Ricard USA who kept everyone "hydrated, Jet Demands, Evidens De Beaute, Hamptons Magazine, Brenda Waites Bolling Millinery Boutique, and Soft Serve Fruit Co. whose refreshing chilled confection was a delight in the heat of the day. Land Rover and Jaguar of Southampton sponsored this year's hole in one challenge where there were a few close calls but, alas, no winner.

Until next year, keep it on the fairways and aim for the green!

Beaches And Bays: Toasting Conservation

Under a summer sky this past Saturday night nearly 350 preservation devotees gathered to celebrate conservation and the natural beauty found the world over while honoring one of their own at The Nature Conservancy's 2011 annual Beaches & Bays Gala.

Hosts Dorian and Gary Fuhrman were as gracious as ever and did their best to greet each guest personally. The expectant pair, their third child arriving later this summer, were one of many voices praising the merits of the work accomplished by the East Hampton group over the past year to protect and preserve the multiple species of indigenous animals and acres of land that are part of the fabric of this very special place, the Hamptons.

After a lovely cocktail party the sounds of the Peter Duchin Orchestra filled the air and guests including Patricia and Andrew Steffan, Virginia and Warren Schwerin, Missy Taylor, Eduardo and Gillian Mestre, Sally Van Erk, Denise Johnston, Joe McConnell, Barbara Sloan, Jeff Dell, Michael and Judy McDowell, Frank Roccanova, Hillary Hightower, and Peyton Carr to name but a few strolled through a rose trellised path and found their tables under the tent. Centerpieces filled to overflowing with glorious blossoms scented the air and the team from Glorious Food Catering served course after course of the East End's bounty ending with a scrumptious blueberry pie.

Chairman of the Long Island Board of Trustees, Jeff Hughes held the room's rapt attention as he praised the work of the evening's honoree, Katharine Rayner. With humor he then led the charge for the silent auction and further fundraising by way of sponsorship of a runner, Junior Committee Member Nate Woiwode, in the upcoming New York City Marathon, who surprised the crowd by doing a few laps throughout the spacious tent.

As the night grew deeper guests swarmed the dance floor never seeming to tire. Finally the end of the evening came and just as lovely as the night began it ended with delightful tote bags filled with goodies from Oscar de la Renta, Jonathan Adler, and Tate's.

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11th Annual Midsummer Night Drinks

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Decorators-Designers-Dealers 2011

The Southampton Fresh Air Home opened its doors to over 500 guests and supporters, including Aida Turturro, Chuck Scarborough, and Ramona Singer, for the 19th annual D-D-D fundraising event.

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