Beauty Buzz: Hair Goes Fabulous For Fall

I try hundreds of beauty products and love to pass on the scoop of the few great ones that top my list. These have all been tried, tested, and thoroughly put through the beauty wringer not just by me but my team of beauty junkies. So trust me when I tell you to try something, you will love it because if I didn’t I’d never mention it. Just this week in my beauty bag I found a hair care system that will restore any damage the summer did on your tresses that you simply have to have.

After a long summer in the pool or at the beach your hair might be a little, how can I say this nicely, crunchy. If you look like you’ve been stuck in the Sahara without a mirror try HerCut, a line of shampoos, conditioners, and catalysts that will treat the specific needs of your haircut.

For those of us with long layers I use the system made for my cut and it really adds bounce and shine that I couldn’t get before even with styling products. And heat damage, well simply disappears, it really does, it’s amazing.

First, the HerCut Normal to Oily Shampoo ($19) has a very light fragrance that won’t overwhelm and a rich lather. Somehow it even brings out the color of my hair – highlights are more vibrant even after they are way past their prime. The HerCutLight Conditioner ($19), again lightly scented, doesn’t weight down my hair even after a longer treatment I still get great results. Now for the best part, HerCut Long Layers Catalyst ($22) – a styling serum/leave in conditioner that separates each strand of hair adding fullness and movement.

Finally I can wash, dry, and go looking fabulous.

· HerCut is available online at and starting September 1st.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Nicole!

I hate to say it but I have to disagree on this one. I was able to acquire some of these products to try out at home and was not excited at all. I was expecting a miracle and got the same results I normally do with other top of the line products. Sure, my hair felt nice, but did it really look BETTER? No. I was given a HerCut Normal to Dry shampoo that was a very bizarre color in the bottle and the smell was a little too intense for me.
I like the way the HerCut Catalyst is designed. That much was cool. The package itself, I mean.
As far as a breakthrough product goes though, I want more.