Oh No She Didn’t (Well, Yep, She Did)

Ramona Singer - Photo by Patrick McMullanReality TV fans watch, or at least keep an eye on from time to time, the now four versions of the Bravo TV “Real Housewives” franchise. Well most of the New York ladies are all about the spotlight and diva behavior as we all know and read about in tabloids weekly. Take for example Ramona Singer and this tid-bit about your favorite frantic reality “star” at a party in the Hamptons.

Just days ago Ramona was set to co-host a birthday party for a Hamptons social somebody and blew a gasket before the photogs appeared. She arrived almost on time and heard that the time of the party had changed; our dear sweet Ramona went stark raving mad. Ramona screeched the F-word liberally to waitresses, reamed out the stunned chef, and ranted and raved until her friends started showing up. Well you should have seen her change from lunatic to social climber as she was all smiles for the photographers and blew air kisses to the assemblage.

Minutes later the huffing and puffing woman with the rather bulging eyes, known for her condescending statements about being a classy lady on her show, pushed herself behind the bar and grabbed three bottles of beer, shoved them into her oversized purse, and left the party swearing again like a drunken sailor. Needless to say the other hosts, the chef and restaurant owner, and guests were embarrassed and appalled at her actions. Had she checked her voicemail she would have known about the time change but then we wouldn’t have that juicy story to start the weekend.

Enjoy and have a fabulous sunny weekend in the Hamptons!

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