Flip That Hair And Bring Fetch My Drink

sebastian oppenheim - photo by bravo tvAnother reality show ‘star’ may not be all he seems on the small screen. Though undoubtedly cute, the French speaking, hair flipping Sebastian Oppenheim, a 16-year-old ladies’ man who declared that one of his life goals is to “[hook] up with the hottest girls I can,” of Bravo TV’s “NYC Prep” might be more accustomed to bringing the drinks to the young ladies he flirts with on the show as opposed to doing the ordering.

A source inside the pampered and pristine walls of the iconic Southampton Bath and Tennis Club, which is the summer spot for the very well-heeled Hamptons set, laughed recently when we discussed reality shows and mentioned that Sebastian had been a waiter at the club last summer. While a reliable waiter and well liked by club members, including fellow “NYC Prep” cast mate Jessie Leavitt and her family, he left after a brief stint in club whites for another club in the Hamptons where he would get “better exposure with the right people.” Clearly that plan worked and he’s now exposing his suave teen moves on girls across Manhattan and on television screens across the country.

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