A Note For Dear Old Dad

Ladies young and not so young all remember those special moments today with the first, and maybe only, man in their lives they can always depend upon – their Daddy.

For me, my father is the scent of Old Spice and cigars, a laugh that fills the room, conversations that span the globe, that extra snack late at night, and a bear hug that erases any worries in the space of a few seconds. He is the larger-than-life man who helped me take my first wobbly steps, taught me how to walk in high heels, and cheered the loudest when I came down the aisle for my college graduation. Years later he held my hand as he proudly walked me down the aisle, reminding me to take it slow and to enjoy every moment on my wedding day. He is my ever-present voice of reason and my staunchest supporter.

For my two little girls, he is the smiling grandfather who sits patiently as they drip pancake syrup into his coffee and then enjoys a “make over” complete with a bright orange wig and lipstick that he can’t seem to remove before the cameras snap. He is the cheerleader who eggs them or to drive their parents crazy. He is the one who just can’t seem to get enough extra hugs or kisses to hold him over to the next visit. He is the voice on the phone telling stories of how Mommy did something silly when she was little. He is the one who will teach them how to fish in the same spot he taught his little girl, me.

So on this Father’s Day across the miles I write this note to my Daddy – a little reminder of fleeting moments that will surely bring tears to his big brown eyes as they have brought to mine.

I love you Daddy! Happy Father's Day!

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