Mood Swings Hit The Walls

What woman doesn't understand the fundamental necessity of a good mood swing? You're having a good day then the kids color on the wall, the car won't start, or the bills arrive in the mail and suddenly, it's a very bad day. Or in a relationship, he's great until, well, you know that moment where he goes from 'the' guy to just another notch on your lipstick case. It happens to us all.

Grab a few girlfriends and head over to the tres chic Solar Gallery in East Hampton, helmed by the fabulous Esperanza Leon. Esperanza brings together passionate artists from Latin America and beyond for a great show. With "Mood Swings" it's a blend of works in a number of mediums, including paintings, photographs, prints and mixed media sculptures by 17 artists including Eduardo Bárcenas, Mary Ellen Bartley, Matthew Brophy, Joe Eschenberg, Astolfo Funes, Grant Haffner, Eileen Hickey-Hulme, Bill Kiriazis, Jennifer Meihofer, Cristen Motty, Ted Nemeth, Zoë Pennebaker, Deborah Riley, Stephen Soreff, Lihie Talmor, Aurelio Torres, and Alejandra Villasmil. Bravo!

"This is an unprecedented mix of artists and artwork at Solar, a hybrid, cross-cultural, multimedia, multi-message, cross-generational encounter that well-reflects the title theme of the show and resonates also with our current social, political, and economic climate. Mood Swings reflects our perception of and reaction to all forms of stimuli. The thrill of victory, the agony of defeat. United we stand, divided we fall. Yes, we can. From Celebration of Life to Darkness of Spirit and those points between, Mood Swings visits the place where invisible barriers cease to exist. Because we have a soul, the Mood Swings journey ends there," explained Esperanza in her statement for the show.

The opening party for the summer exhibition, running from June 13 to August 3, is this Saturday, June 13 from 5:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. at the gallery located at 44 Davids lane, East Hampton.

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