Big Trouble At Madame Tongs, Again

Madame Tongs Restaurant, Southampton, NYYes, the food is fabulous, thanks to the tireless efforts of reknowned chef Frank Tramantano, but of late getting a table is not about passing the hostess a $100 bill. It's more focused on owner Ed "Jean Luc" Kleefeld paying his bills to keep the doors open.

Memorial Day came as a shock to the Jean Luc and his staff when doors were the padlocked and equiptment was held in a truck until a large check changed hands. The doors were opened, the weekend went by with mior issues, and then life went back to normal, right? Not so. Again, I hear from a very reliable source, trouble has come up to the tune of $700,000 for fines, inspections, and more. Another check was cut and investors are not happy.

But where is all the cash flowing after night after packed night? I'm sure the newshounds will do the digging, if not my sources tell me they will keep their ear to the ground.

In the meantime be sure to double check those reservations - the food is worth the wait.

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