Sun Lover's Beauty Bag Must-Have

Beauty fanatics listen up - there's a fabulous product on the market that makes soaking up the rays on your favorite Hamptons beach a little less, well, "peely." You know how it goes, you've spend the day on the beach and get a little (OK, really bad) burn. That little burn becomes weeks of unsightly peeling and uneven tanning. Well those days are over thanks to a miracle in a bottle, RéVive Intensité Fluide Superbe.

RéVive Intensité Fluide SuperbeAfter reviewing the entire line of ReVive products over the past few months I really pushed the limits. Developed by noted plastic surgeon, Dr. Gregory Bays the line focuses its approach to skincare from a plastic surgeon's point of view - that is healing and anti-aging from under the skin as opposed to the traditional topical approach.

But then the true test came when we had that first warm weekend a month ago. Let's just call it what it really was - "White Leg Saturday" and "Sunburn Sunday." It never fails, each year we all overdo it with sun exposure on that first nice weekend after months of rain, cold, and snow. Well this year I was prepared for the eventual sunburn with the help of RéVive Intensité Fluide Superbe, a thick serum that packs a wallop of healing, revitalizing, and skin nourishing power in each drop. The key ingredients are cell-renewing EGF (Epidermal Growth Factor), a Liposome Delivery System and Linoleic Acid that help with moisture absorption, and the Mediterranean answer to just about everything - Olive Oil.

Instead of days of pain and weeks of peeling I had one uncomfortable night, that's right, just one. And as for the peeling, it never happened. Now I am more than ready to work on my tan, with a bit of sunscreen along for the ride of course.

By the way beauty junkies, the ReVive Sensitif Oil Free Lotion with SPF 15 is the best moisturizer out there by far. I use it everyday and I do not have any sunburn on my face, I have fresher-looking skin overall, and diminished lines on my forehead.

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