Making The Rounds With Isaac Mizrahi

I hear it from a fabulous source that designer Isaac Mizrahi is getting to be quite the museum hound.

The irrepressible and peripatetic fashion designer, and star of the new Bravo TV reality series “The Fashion Show” (the “Project Runway” replacement), last week unveiled his creation for The Nature Conservancy’s ‘Design for a Living World’ at the Cooper-Hewitt National Design Museum. Isaac was one of ten visionary designers chosen to work with The Nature Conservancy properties to create a product from sustainable local natural materials. The Divine Mr. M chose to collaborate with Alaskan fisheries and made a shimmering cocktail dress and long flowing coat from salmon skin – talk about going green! To top it off, he also created a sexy pair of jeweled stiletto high heels from salmon leather (put that on my Christmas list Santa!).

Next up is his keynote speaker stint at the Parrish Art Museum in Southampton during their annual Landscape Pleasure Garden Tour Weekend. He will take the Hamptons stage with celebrated interior designer Charlotte Moss for a lively conversation about color, which Mizrahi calls “food for the spirit.”
A leader in the fashion business for almost twenty years, Mizrahi has pushed the boundaries of the industry like no other. Creative Director for the Liz Claiborne brand, radio and television talk-show host, and author of “How to Have Style,” Mizrahi has been awarded four CFDA awards and is responsible for great fashions both domestically and internationally.

A Parrish trustee since 2002 and co-chair of Landscape Pleasures, Moss is founder of Charlotte Moss Interior Design, the author of six books, and the designer of houses throughout the United States and Canada. Her design work has been featured in numerous publications and more than a dozen decorator showhouses near and far.

With his quick wit and their combined passion for color and design, this conversation is sure to be a crowd pleaser. You can register for the tour and the talk at I’ll be making the rounds during the tour and will have time to chat with Isaac and Charolotte to get the scoop on some of the most fantastic gardens in the Hamptons.

"True Blood" Star Anna Paquin Hits Day & Night in the Hamptons Memorial Day Weekend

Anna Paquin"True Blood" star Anna Paquin hit the Hamptons this weekend for the debut of her Hamptons Magazine cover. She spent the day at the new Day & Night Restaurant and Beach Club at the Capri Hotel in Southampton swarmed by fans and socialites. Belvedere Vodka flowed all afternoon.

Never one to miss a party, "Real Housewives of New York City" stars Jill Zarin and hubby Bobby with daughyer Ally Shapiro, and Ramona and Mario Singer dropped by as did Hamptons Magazine's publisher Debra Halpert, Jason Binn, and Christine Greeven Cuomo.

The parking lot was packed as Brad Zeifman, HGTV design guru Libby Langdon, News 12's Gina Glickman, intrepid traveller Caroline Lieberman, Sharon Bush, singer and philanthropist Sir Ivan Wilzig and Mina Otsuka, David Waksman, Janna Stark, James Goll, and David Sarner among others toasted the summer season while Southampton artists Jeff Muhs and Steve Mannino spent some time playing in the sand creating a sculpture.

Jill Zarin, Ally Shapiro, Mario and Ramona Singer

19th Annual Miracle House Summer Bash - A Bit Off-Color Thanks To Potty-Mouthed Housewife Hostess

Each year the wonderful folks from Miracle House, a group that provides housing, meals, and advocacy to caregivers and patients receiving medical treatment in New York City, hosts a summer kick-off party in the Hamptons. This year the spacious Bridgehampton Tennis and Surf Club, that just so happens to overlook the Atlantic Ocean, held the festivities that started with a lavish cocktail party attended to by none other than famous Hamptons and New York City caterer Chris Robbins and his team from Robbins Wolfe Eventuers.

By all appearances everything was going along just perfectly - cocktails were chilled and delicious and every canape was scrumptious. As the sun began to set the live auctions and dinner started and that's when the party took a turn when hostess Bethenny Frankel of "The Real Housewives of New York City" took the mic during the live auction and proceeded to show just how 'real' she was talking like a drunken sailor. Using every profanity and homosexual innuendo in the book she took a lovely evening and made it rather uncomfortable as she insulted nearly everyone in the room. Uncomfortable laughter after her first 'joke' set the tone that went from bad to worse. Topping that, she posed in front of her books that she hawked all night and flashed her bum for the cameras. Real classy, Bethenny.

Miracle House representatives reached for comments after the weekend would only respond that the event had been successful, and we do wish that great organization well.

The party got back on track as Miracle House founder Nan Sweetser was honored for her tireless work. Taking the stage to perform, the original "Dreamgirl" Jennifer Holliday's soulful voice enraptured the room of nearly 300 including Amy Chanos, Gary Horowitz, Cory Shields, Sean Cassidy, Mario D'Andrea, Howard Kurz, Gerry Logue, Tony Moran, Craig Reynolds, Sam Rosenblatt, Mary Sculley, Michael Selleck, Joe Blount, Craig Reynolds, Rob Coburn, Monica Graham, Shirin Kerman, Sam Rosenblatt, Mario D’Andrea, and Cory Shields to name a few.

All The Fabulous

Main Beach in East Hampton
Memorial Day Weekend is here - and along with it all the fabulous that you've been missing since Labor Day. On both the North and South Forks of Long Island (in other words Wine Country and The Hamptons) shops are getting ready with the last coat of paint and fun window displays to start the season. It also means the party season starts anew.

The beaches are spruced up and ready for you too. And if the weather holds that means a full weekend of relaxing beside the waves. Be sure to remember the sunblock and a packed cooler.

I plan to be in the mix at two very hot spots Saturday night - the Social Life Magazine House in Water Mill and 1OAK in East Hampton. Of course I'll have all the dish, details, and photos right here.

Happy Summer!

Sun Lover's Beauty Bag Must-Have

Beauty fanatics listen up - there's a fabulous product on the market that makes soaking up the rays on your favorite Hamptons beach a little less, well, "peely." You know how it goes, you've spend the day on the beach and get a little (OK, really bad) burn. That little burn becomes weeks of unsightly peeling and uneven tanning. Well those days are over thanks to a miracle in a bottle, RéVive Intensité Fluide Superbe.

RéVive Intensité Fluide SuperbeAfter reviewing the entire line of ReVive products over the past few months I really pushed the limits. Developed by noted plastic surgeon, Dr. Gregory Bays the line focuses its approach to skincare from a plastic surgeon's point of view - that is healing and anti-aging from under the skin as opposed to the traditional topical approach.

But then the true test came when we had that first warm weekend a month ago. Let's just call it what it really was - "White Leg Saturday" and "Sunburn Sunday." It never fails, each year we all overdo it with sun exposure on that first nice weekend after months of rain, cold, and snow. Well this year I was prepared for the eventual sunburn with the help of RéVive Intensité Fluide Superbe, a thick serum that packs a wallop of healing, revitalizing, and skin nourishing power in each drop. The key ingredients are cell-renewing EGF (Epidermal Growth Factor), a Liposome Delivery System and Linoleic Acid that help with moisture absorption, and the Mediterranean answer to just about everything - Olive Oil.

Instead of days of pain and weeks of peeling I had one uncomfortable night, that's right, just one. And as for the peeling, it never happened. Now I am more than ready to work on my tan, with a bit of sunscreen along for the ride of course.

By the way beauty junkies, the ReVive Sensitif Oil Free Lotion with SPF 15 is the best moisturizer out there by far. I use it everyday and I do not have any sunburn on my face, I have fresher-looking skin overall, and diminished lines on my forehead.

LaCarezza - A Beauty Haven

Microdermabrasion and LED therpay at LaCarezza Salon in SouthamptonNestled in a brick building in the heart of Southampton Village, LaCarezza Salon Da Spa is a bustling spot for beauty lovers. A complete salon primps and beautifies while a quiet oasis just steps from the street, the spa, sits waiting for clients looking to indulge.

LED therapy and Microdermabrasion combine with radiant results.Unlike many spas in the Hamptons, LaCarezza is known for its “day spa" approach - the idea that you can drop in for a quick lunch massage or after work scrub. Of course, a full-day “Day of Beauty" package is available including a facial, body scrub, massage, spa manicure, spa pedicure, hair finishing, make-up application, and lunch. The six-hour long day will leave you looking and feeling fabulous. Pampering the gents, LaCarezza offers a half-day of “Gentleman's Wellness" that includes a full-body massage, manicure, pedicure, haircut, and style.

This powerful combination of dermabrasion and LED therapy removes dead skin cells, polishes, and gets under the skin to promote inner-radiance. The treatments are non-invasive, completely painless, safe for all skin types, and best of all there is no down time. LaCarezza offers a host of services including aromatherapy facials, teen facials that promote deep pore cleansing, airbrush tanning, and a variety of massage packages.

• LaCarezza Salon Da Spa is located at 43-45 Windmill Lane, Southampton, 631-238-7683,

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Bring The Party!

Pugliese Vineyards Reserve MerlotLast fall I set out for a wine adventure with my mother in tow. We took one for the team touring and tasting our way across the North Fork of Long Island. One very bright spot along the way was Pugliese Vineyards, owned and operated by the Pugliese family.

With Memorial Day Weekend approaching, and the host of summer parties that will undoubtedly follow, I felt it was time to dust off a few bottles and share my favorites with the blogosphere starting with Pugliese Vineyards' Merlot Reserve, and at only $16 it is a steal for all of the body and flavor that comes along for the ride.

Perfect with a steak or a juicy burger this bold varietal goes with anything, or nothing at all. You know those night when you are exhausted, physically and mentally and just want to unwind with a great glass of wine, uncork this one.

For a last minute party create a flavorful sangria like this one:
The perfect red wine sangria
1 bottle of Pugliese Vineyards' Merlot Reserve
large handful of strawberries
2 sliced red apples
1 sliced lemon (remove the seeds
1 sliced orange
1 shot of Brandy (or your spirit of choice to add a kick)
2 tablespoons of sugar
2 cups of ginger ale

Just stir all of the ingredients together until the sugar has dissolved, add ice, and enjoy. With a party punch like sangria just use what you've got on hand - add blackberries, limes, blueberries, whatever you like best. The more bold the fruit add a bolder wine to keep the flavors in balance. This is best if you make it in the morning and let the flavors steep together before adding the ice for and afternoon BBQ (that is if you can wait that long).

Three cheers to your Memorial Day festivities!

Organic Beauty - A Natural Trend

For centuries natural ingredients have been part of every fashionable woman's beauty regimen. From the days of Cleopatra and her use of kohl to line her eyes to Marie Antoinette's rose petal milk baths, legendary beauty is simply natural.

These days the beauty experts are going to the next level using organic products to create some of the most luxurious creations to beautify the modern woman. At 98 percent organic MD Skincare takes the top spot on this list with their new line of spa products packed with aloe, jojoba, tea tree, and more. The Purifying Bath Crystals ($42) smell delicious and are a combination of CoQ10 that detoxifies and organic aloe to heal damaged skin. Vitamins A, C, and E, papaya enzymes, and mineral-rich Himalayan Salt enrich the skin and revitalize. Taking the idea of 'going green' a step further, MD Skincare uses recycled materials in all of its packaging.

Heads up folks, mango is the hot scent and taste this spring and summer. The folks at Absolut Vodka are known for setting trends and this spring they are launching a new mango vodka right on the heels of some great beauty finds inspired by or containing the delicious fruit. After a long dry winter your skin and hair need some extra pampering. Mango is rich in nutrients like Vitamins A, B, and C and compounds like lupeol which are anti-inflammatory, they are also high in antioxidants and smell delicious.

Organic products made with natural ingredients, while in limited supply right now, are sure to become a staple on the beauty counters in the years to come. Get a jump on this beautiful trend.
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An Encounter With The Queen (of Soul)

Nicole B. Brewer and Aretha Franklin at the Ross School Starlight Ball Over the past few years I have had the pleasure of meeting and mixing with some pretty stellar folks starting with the Queen of Soul herself, Aretha Franklin.

It was just a typical Hamptons July 4th weekend out at the Ross School in East Hampton which of course meant an over-the-top fabulous gala that included the Alec Baldwin, late Roy Scheider, and a monumental performance by Aretha. She was otherwordly in her stamina, vocal range, and passion for music. The room of over 1500, including yours truly, danced the night away.

I had a chance to speak to Ms. Franklin afterwards and she exclaimed that beyond music she loved to spend the day playing tennis. Who knew?

A Typical Day Begins

Have you ever had one of those days - when you are behind the eight ball before you're even out of the driveway?

It all starts with the alarm - are you up before it goes off because you had a terrible nights sleep? You know it'll be a bad day. Then the kids, those sweet little darlings, start whining and crying that they don't want to go to school, that they hate the outfit you chose, and that they want extra pancake syrup just as you finish off the last bottle in the pantry. It moves on when they refuse to get on the bus and you have to run one to school early so the other one, at another school across town, isn't late. On top of all that - it's raining outside, really raining in sheets so that no matter what everyone is getting completely soaked.

My advice on how to manage to not lose your cool - remember that after everyone is dropped off you can have a few quiet hours to yourself to mentally recharge and do something nice for yourself (and of course buy more pancake syrup before tomorrow's drama begins).

Beauty Tip Of The Day: Check out CHI nail polish for fabulous shine and hot, bright colors for spring and summer. I love "CHI-CHI Bang Bang," a hot pink shade with shimmer and plenty of attitude.